Michael Da Silva

Film and Television Production

Just months after graduating, I was hired by ‘Cinemavault Film Company’, a film and television distribution company, where I work in the Acquisitions department.

The Film and Television Production program at Trebas has a hands-on approach to ensure graduates are resourceful, versatile, and accomplished. At Trebas, the condensed program really mirrors the real world.

The industry moves very fast, and it’s an advantage to be part of a program that sets that pace from the beginning. Other programs can spend three or four years before even touching a camera. At Trebas, you learn what you need to learn, and you move on.

Diploma programs at Trebas are designed by industry experts and regularly revised for success in today’s competitive job market. Access to industry standard facilities and equipment encourages students to develop their expertise before graduation. You get your hands dirty with several productions, I worked on four, which was more than York, Humber, or U of T (University of Toronto).

I was ahead because I took all of the basics we learned in class and expanded on them in my own time. Instead of spending months of class on one thing, I learned enough so that I could teach myself, which is how you really learn anything in the field. This persistence and dedication is instilled in Trebas students by instructors who are committed to sharing their passion.

Kalman Szegvary, Head of the Film and TV Program at Trebas, recognizes that Trebas programs are rigorous and require full attention, but that’s why students join the school and Da Silva couldn’t agree more.

Trebas isn’t a safe cocoon for people who are looking to hide from the world for four years in school. It’s a fast-paced, practical education program that gives students all the tools they need to succeed, provided they are driven enough to work at it. Like anything, you get out of it what you put in.

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